Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Wish List Wednesday

1. I've been contemplating getting a full fringe for a while but there is always the worry of being bored of it after a week or two and having to wait through that awkward in between stage. Trying a fringe/bangs out with a fake fringe seems like the perfect solution.

2. I tend to switch up my mascara every time I have to repurchase and have heard great things about this particular one. I like to wear a waterproof product during the summer months especially for holidays and this isn't officially listed as waterproof so seems like the perfect time to try this out.

3. This seems to be a cult product in the beauty world at the moment and would be perfect for refreshing tired skin in the ever changing heated/air conditioned office environment I work in and to refresh my make up during the day.

4. This is one of my favourite perfumes which I have currently ran out of. I always seem to be complimented when I am wearing this fragrance.

5. Another repurchase item, this pre-shampoo treatment seemed to work wonders on my hair in a bid to strengthen to really get the length I am after. It's a protein treatment that doesn't moisturise so you still need to follow up with a regular or intensive conditioner after washing your locks.

6. Because a girl can never have enough nude and bronze eyeshadows...

7. I've been a fan of Xen-Tan since the original tan was released, then moving onto the Absolute Luxe version which really impressed me. This new Moroccan version is meant to be their darkest yet so I would save this for nights out with the girls.

 Have you created any beauty wishlists for January?

Nat x

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