Saturday, 19 January 2013

Things to do on a snowy weekend...

The UK has been been hit with some pretty bad (for the UK!) in places leaving a lot of us having to cancel our weekend plans. Instead of being sat at home twiddling your thumbs and checking out the window every five minutes to see if the snow (!) has melted... Here's some idea's of some productive things to do...

1. Spring Clean

Technically we are nowhere near Spring yet (wishful thinking!) but there's no better time than being home bound than to start having that clear out you've been putting off for ages. Tackle one area at a time whether it be the kitchen or your bedroom and do a good deed at the same time by giving unwanted items to charity. Particularly good for making new room for your new spring/summer wardrobe.

2. Go for a winter walk

Put those wellies on and get some fresh air. Most of us are constantly cooped up in an office 9-5 and the fresh air will be beneficial to both your health and mind.

3. Catch up with old friends

With the busy lifestyles we lead now is often hard to keep in contact with everyone we know, distant friends and family included. Make the most of the time to have a catch up on the phone, by Skype or even writing letters or a note. Guaranteed to put a smile on their face as well as yours.

4. Try something new

Whether its testing out a new recipe you've been wanting to for ages or having a dabble at a DIY project. This is the perfect time to use what resources you have already and put them to good use.

5. Rest!

Guaranteed a lot of us never make enough time for ourselves. Have a pamper session, catch up on those box sets and have some wind down time on the sofa.

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