Sunday, 6 January 2013

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Stylebook App

Sunday has been spent laid on the sofa feeling poorly, watching films including the 90s classic Clueless. Seeing Cher and her virtual wardrobe/closet computer reminded me of an amazing app that is available for the IPhone.

The app is called Stylebook. The idea of the app is that you can add all the items in your wardrobe and create looks just like in the film!

The app takes some time to set up, adding each item individually. It helps to take the picture of the item on a contrasting background for a clearer image.

It's very user friendly and each item can be added to a category such as dresses, then subcategories for the type of dress.

I'm slowly adding all my items and think this come in so handy for planning outfits for holidays/vacations in a hope to pack strategically rather than taking lots of random things that never seem to look right when I get to my destination.

The app is available from I Tunes and is currently priced at £2.49.

More information can be found on the Stylebook website at


  1. wow ...this is super cool but unfortunately i use samsung wave II i cant use this application :( But found it interesting.

    I am your brand new follower :)

    A piece of SHE...

    1. Hopefully they will release it on different platforms soon. Will take a look at your blog thanks for taking time to look at mine :)